Special Models

We manufacture bronze texts for inscriptions, sculptures, plaques, coats of arms, handles, fittings, spare parts for oldtimers and tractors as well as any kind of figures. We also manufacture bronze cleats for attaching ropes or ropes on board in various sizes as well as various historical fittings (brass), pieces which are no longer readily available for sale to shipowners. As an example, we also cast ship bells, these bells can be made in different sizes on request. Bespoke engravings and/or other accessories can be made too. The bells are 100% handmade and each bell is unique. This is an example of real craftmanship, producing products according to old traditional manufacturing processes.

Joachim Deckarm Cup

Cast of the hand by Joachim Deckarm, www.joachim-deckarm.de

The artist, Eric John from Saarbrücken was also the occupational therapist for Joachim Deckarm and designed the “Joachim-Deckarm-Cup”. The Martin Luck metal foundry, together with Joachim Deckarm created the model and the sculpture was cast in the presence of Joachim Deckarm in our foundry. Further processing of the piece was taken over by Mr. Siegfried Ruser, who has been working in our company since 1953. The cup represents, in original size, the right hand of the cover arm. The base and the lateral steles are made of Plexiglas; a gap dividing the steles into two parts symbolizes the two lives of Joachim Deckarm – before and after his sporting accident.

The “Deckarm committee”, consisting of members from the German Handball Federation, the German Sports Aid Foundation, the Saarland State Sports Association and the personal members Heiner Brand, Uli Strombach and Klaus Zöll, awards the Joachim Deckarm Prize to personalities who take particularly care about Jochen Deckarm. The Joachim-Deckarm Prize has already been awarded twice: to Heiner Brand and to Franz Beckenbauer.

Ristorante Da Vinci

Casting of the Vitruvian Man

Ristorante Da Vinci
Poststr. 41
66386 St. Ingbert


Several badges for www.kiwanis.de

KIWANIS is a global association of volunteers, both women and men of all professions, coming from local Kiwanis clubs. The common goal and endeavor of all Kiwanians is to Provide humanitarian services and care about human relationships.

Each Kiwanis club independently decides its priorities & activities then works to achieve its goals in a non-party political and non-discriminatory way. Members are not simply expected to donate money but also to be personally involved in humanitarian activities. Kiwanis is actively committed to the welfare of children and the community. A particular focus of the charity activities are children and their environment which lives by the international motto: “Serving the Children of the World”.

Siegfried Jacob Metallwerke

Art Casting Special design in the form of an anode for the company

SJM, Siegfried Jakob Metallwerke GmbH & Co. KG
Jacobstrasse 41 – 45
D-58256 Ennepetal.

Golfclub Schloss Braunfels e.V.


The Martin Luck metal foundry has already worked with many different artists in their early years. Below is a small selection of some bronze sculptures molded and cast in the company Martin Luck Metallgießerei:

  • Fountain “Nääzrellje”, Saarbrücken Dudweiler
  • Fountain Rathausplatz, Püttlingen
  • Fountain sculpture (Hiery design), Saarlouis
  • Fountain sculpture (designed by Richard Hoffmann), St. Wendel
  • Fountain “3 fish”, Kreissparkasse, Saarlouis
  • Bust Albert Schweitzer after the design of Prof. Th. Siegle
  • Honor panel Halberg (1950x1350mm, shot 1936), Saarbrücken
  • Memorial (designed by G. Maas), Bliesransbach
  • Memorial (designed by G. Maas), Gersweiler
  • Memorial (designed by Prof. Th. Siegle), Bous
  • Fallen monument (2.50m, design Hoffmann) Theley
  • Eva-Maria-Ecclesia bronze (1900mm), church Neunkirchen
  • Statue of Mary (2.50 m, design Glawe), Schwemlingen
  • Entrance portal catholic church, Weisenbach in Murgtal
  • Church door (design Glawe), Losheim
  • Outside door protestant church, castles (historical county Veldenz)
  • Bronze relief billboard from the Mitteltor, Heidelberg
  • Bronze plaques on seven historic buildings in Saarbrücken-Güdingen
  • Various bronze heads (1 ½ times life size, designs Sculptor Adams), Munich
  • Tomb sculpture (1.60 m, design Leyser), Homburg Saar
  • Accident Hiking Award of Saarbergwerke A.G. (Design sculptor Zewe)
  • Saarland Heritage Preservation Prize