Our products

Using the centrifugal casting process, all types of bushings as well as bars up to an outer diameter of 1,200 mm and a gross weight of 1,500 kg are produced. Larger dimensions and special designs are available on request.

This process allows us to achieve the best mechanical properties and a homogeneous cast structure possible. The materials used include; bronze, aluminium, complex brass, red bronze, aluminium bronze and lead bronze; all alloys according to DIN or EN standards.

Single pieces and small, medium or large series of castings are produced. On request producing pieces from customized alloys is also possible.

Martin Luck Metallgießerei GmbH processes copper alloys according to DIN or EN standards.

On request, we also manufacture steel according to customer-specific alloy requirements.

An overview of common metall alloys (pdf).

Material Norm Material Norm
Cu-Sn-7-Zn-4-Pb-7 EN 1982 Cu-Sn-7-Zn-Pb DIN 1705
Cu-Sn-10-Zn DIN 1705
Cu-Sn-10 Cu-Sn-10 DIN 1705
Cu-Sn-12 EN 1082 Cu-Sn-12 DIN 1705
Cu-Sn-11-Pb-2 EN 1982 Cu-Sn-12-Pb DIN 1705
Cu-Sn-12-Ni-2 EN 1982 Cu-Sn-12-Ni DIN 1705
Cu-Zn-35-Mn-2-Al-1-Fe-1 EN 1982 Cu-Zn-35-Al-1 DIN 1709
Cu-Zn-34-Mn-3-Al-2-Fe-1 EN 1982 Cu-Zn-34-Al-2 DIN 1709
Cu-Zn-25-Al-5-Mn-4-Fe-3 EN 1982 Cu-Zn-25-Al-5 DIN 1709
Cu-Al-10-Fe-5-Ni-5 EN 1982 Cu-Al-10-Ni DIN 1714
Cu-Al-11-Fe-6-Ni-6 EN 1982 Cu-Al-11-Ni DIN 1714
Cu-Sn-10-Pb-10 EN 1982 Cu-Pb-10-Sn DIN 1716
Cu-Sn-7-Pb-15 EN 1982 Cu-Pb-15-Sn DIN 1716

Our finished product range includes: bushings / guide and bearing sleeves / solid bars / rings / plates / sliding bars and wear strips / washers / thrust washers / mechanical parts / pump casings / piston covers / maintenance-free sintered or sliding parts with solid lubricants.

Products with sliding components tolerate high temperatures at low sliding speed and very high pressure.

The bushing or strip products consist of different carrier materials and are supplied fully lubricated. The lubrication design is such that the lubricating surface is covered in the direction of movement resulting in maintenance-free mechanical parts.

The sintering products have an oil content of 25%. They consist of a metal powder, which is sintered in a mold under high pressure and temperature to the finished product. During the sintering process, the individual powder grains melt at the contact points, resulting in a solid but porous product. The pores are then impregnated with oil, resulting in maintenance-free mechanical parts.


  • gland bush
  • guide bush
  • bushing
  • bearing bush
  • holding bush
  • split bush


  • wear rings
  • spacer rings
  • piston rings
  • shift rings
  • compression rings


  • slide plates
  • wear plates
  • infeed plates
  • polishing plates
  • thrust plates


  • spherical shells
  • bearing shells


  • round blank
  • round rod
  • solid bar
  • thrust washers
  • spherical washers
  • polishing washers
  • sliding washers
  • split washers

Sliding and Sintered Elements

  • produced with solid lubricants
  • maintenance-free