Machinery and Equipment

Our 6,000 m² company premises are located at “Am Torhaus 30” in the city of Saarbrücken, and consists of; the foundry, the hand molding shop, the turning shop, the finishing workshops, materials warehouse and administration building.


The foundry contains three induction furnaces with a melting capacity of about 750 kg each. The liquid melt is processed in either two vertical centrifugal casting machines, or a centrifugal casting machine rotating around a horizontal axis.

Sand Mold Casting / Molding Shop

For sand casting molding boxes in sizes from 200x200mm to 4000x1500mm are available. These molding boxes are filled using our continuous vortex mixer.

Turning Shop / Finishing

The turnery contains a complete machine park for the preliminary and final machining of castings.

The finishing process is carried out with CNC turning and milling machines, boring machines, wire cutting machines, grinding machines and water jet machines.